If you're an undergrad student, you can get a brilliant deal at Everyday Organics.

Get 25% off and 1kg free potatoes for life - on standard boxes.

Or choose membership lite, and get 2kg free potatoes every week. This is great for sharing!

Staff member, postgraduate or PhD student?

Get 10% off and 1kg free potatoes with standard boxes.

All benefits apply as does our referral reward scheme, making your money go even further.

All we need is both sides of your matriculation ID, which you can upload into the form below:



universities, colleges and charities.

We're always looking for ways to spread the organic message, making it accessible to everyone.

So many are caught up in disbelief and stereotyping, they forget life is full of variety and colour!

Help us meet our targets and we'll be more than happy to make a regular generous donation.

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the important stuff.

Remember to get your plan set up by Tuesday 11pm for a delivery the following week.

This is to ensure we can order everything you need for a brilliant first delivery!


Note that the 25% off is valid on standard boxes only:

£10 usual price becomes £7.50 for 3kg

£15 usual price becomes £11.25 for 5kg

Available in fruit, veg or a mix of the two

Combinations are allowed!


The offer is for full time, undergraduate students only.

We can give 10% off to part time, post-grads and research (i.e. PhD) students.


Boxes are set and cannot be edited unless you have specific allergies.

However, you can certainly tell us what you don't like and we won't put it in.

If you require something specific each week, this becomes a custom box: we'll tailor your plan taking into account your student status.

You'll need a valid student ID card to upload a picture of. We only keep it to validate your identity as a student and never, ever give it to anyone else.


We'll continue delivering your boxes until you tell us otherwise and bill you by Direct Debit, unless you want to make changes.

As long as you continue to get weekly deliveries, you'll get your 25% off your boxes and 1kg free white potatoes forever.


You can go on holiday, add or remove items, change the frequency of deliveries and cancel completely too, just give us a week's notice before your next box is due. Just email

All contact details are at the bottom of every page.

Thanks for using everyday organics!