We offer a fairly robust and unique refund guarantee that is head and shoulders above the competition.

What this means is if you are dissatisfied with a product or element of the service we will endeavour to:

  1. Refund part of or the entire order
  2. Replace part of or the entire order
  3. Redeliver to you
  4. Retry our services with a coupon code, discount or freebie

This is known as our 4R guarantee.



Since all produce sold is organic and likely to contain any or all of the following:

  • Cosmetic issues such as speckling, freckling, misshapen produce, broken vegetables (such as carrots)
  • Physical imperfections such as wrinkling, dents, uneven skin, chips, light bruising, discolouration
  • Additional traits such as leaves, vines, stalks, soil, small insects

This is not an exhaustible list.

We won't give refunds based on these organic 'faults'.


Furthermore, we don't/won't:

  • Offer refunds on orders received more than 24 hours after delivery:

Please try and check your stock and inform us within 24 hours of any serious mould or damage issues, we may have overlooked it.


  • Offer refunds or part refunds due to late cancellations:

For example, if you place an order on the online store due for delivery the following week then tell us the day before delivery is due, you will be charged for your order. This is due to our policy (further details below) of holding as little stock as possible, to give you the freshest stock possible whilst reducing time and preventing unnecessary waste.



However an order is placed, whether it be via email, over the phone, through a form to set up a plan, through recurring billing, as an agreed prior plan setup (for existing customers) or via the online store, we require seven calendar days (one week) notice to cancel the order.

We require your cancellation in writing, preferably by email.

This is due to us operating a made-to-order/pick-to-order service. Our service ensures freshness whilst reducing waste: we only order what we need to fulfil (complete) your order.




Depending on how you've opted to pay, different options yield different time scales of refunds.

Most refunds do not incur a charge, so you will get back all the money you originally paid.


We only issue refunds back to the original payment method i.e. card to card, not card to cash.

  • Online store transaction.

More often than not, your order can be refunded easily but can take 5-10 business days to appear. A business day means Monday to Friday and does not include weekends.


If an order is placed and refunded within 24 hours of the original transaction, occasionally your card may not be charged at all. This is known as a reversal, where the payment card is charged then refunded before any money can be taken from it. You may also get a random payment appearing on your statement that is not affiliated with Everyday Organics or our payments processor Stripe; it merely may be a number.

  • GoCardless Direct Debit

Direct Debits work Monday to Friday and if a refund is required it may take additional processing time.

Also, it is not an instant process. 

As part of our commitment to privacy to you, we don't see your bank details and refunds are processed through our Direct Debit provider, GoCardless.

Please do not cancel your direct debit. If you do so, the refund may or may not process and be cancelled.

  • Bank Transfer / Standing order

We'll require your account number and sort code to manually process a refund as we don't see your details from this type of payment.

  • Credit / Debit card via recurring billing and/or Worldpay link

Your card may be subject to a chargeback fee or refund fee if it fails or is to be refunded.


Store credits

We do not currently offer store credits, i.e. in exchange for boxes or orders unless otherwise agreed.



You can take holidays when you have a recurring plan subscription or membership, provided you give us seven calendar days of notice before the start of your first holiday.

Basically, normal cancellation policies apply for holidays with the adjustment that you'll return to the service after your holiday.

Upon returning, make sure to let us know the dates so we can resume deliveries without interruption.


Holidays - refund of (recurring) Payments

Since Direct Debits via GoCardless have slightly more complex (and timely) rules than other methods of payment, your payments over the holidays will be postponed or ceased temporarily by one of the following methods:

  • Be refunded from a past payment to essentially refund you for your holidays taken - this is for your convenience
  • Be refunded from future payments not yet charged
  • Be charged at £0.00 for every week you are away


  • Your existing subscription cancelled and restarted. This takes the longest.


If you pay monthly, you'll receive a pro-rata refund.


deliveries made in error

Should you get a delivery when you are on holiday and/or did not expect to receive one, please let us know at the earliest convenience, we've probably made a mistake. Of course, if you're on holiday you might not be able to do this!



In rare circumstances we may not be able to fulfil the service on the day you expect it. This is likely due to forces or occurrences outwith our control.



On occasional times, we may run out of stock and/or be able to give you a full guaranteed weight.

Again this could be due to external factors like stock not arriving or our mistake such as forgetting to order stock.

Please do not email us in haste informing us of such errors.

In such a case, we'll contact you informing you as soon as possible, however during peak periods and our service to get orders out as soon as they've been pciked and packed, you may receive notification following delivery.