What does it mean to be organic?

Organic is often associated with high prices (and high profit margins), too many boring box schemes or not enough choice at the supermarket.

This needn't be the case. At all.

Organic is so much more. There is so much more.


where we get our organics.

Since we're a delivery service and not a farm or a shop, we have to do things differently. All our produce comes from certified organic farms unless otherwise stated, in Scotland, the UK and beyond. 

We can't save the world in our lifetime, and if we had access to a farm, we'd certainly add it to our pot and expand choice for you - that's the dream. One of many. We wish all organic local farms would work together so we could fulfil service and delivery, alas - this is not the case. Yet.



Other than being certified, organic promotes traditional farming techniques, manual labour and the complete eradication of harmful pesticides bringing about goodness for planet and people.

We are proudly certified organic by SOPA, the Scottish Organic Producers Association. They are in every bit the same as the better known Soil Association, yet are that little bit more suited to deal with smaller Scottish enterprises to ensure true local organic standards. Backed by full traceability procedures, all the produce we supply to you can be sourced back to their independent origins.

Working organic is so much more beneficial for the soil and the soul, where real work can be almost felt through each fruit and vegetable you taste, every day.