By agreeing to use this site, placing orders, and where applicable in making a contribution/donation, you also agree wholly to all of the following terms.

We will not be held liable for use or misuse of the information contained here within. 


The site owner is the creator of this website, and the sole proprietor running the business as a Sole Trader.

Name: Elliott Day trading as Everyday Organics

Residential/business address: 33 Myretoungate, Alva, FK12 5NH

VAT registration: GB234384509

Trading/warehouse address: 4 Lamond Place, Aberdeen, AB25 3UT

Please do not make queries to either address!

Instead, forward your requests using any of the contact details below:


Contact details

Email: click to email or copy and paste:

e@everydayorganics.co.uk or hello@everydayorganics.co.uk

Telephone: 08000 84 247 1 or click here to call

Mobile: 07866 834 269 or click here to call

Social channels displayed at the bottom of each page


EO means Everyday Organics where mentioned.


You, your, or similar terms depict a user of this site, whether a paying customer or browser of items featured for sale on the site.




No content shall be copied, stolen, borrowed, rented, impersonated or otherwise used without the permission of the site owner.

Content includes imagery, ideas, text, propositions, box compositions, logos...and this is not an exhaustible list.


Trading Name

"Everyday Organics" is the business trading name.

It will be abbreviated to EO for the remainder of the terms below.



The wording of this website is to reflect the site owner's intentions towards creating an affordable service in supplying organic produce to both residential and business customers. 



Contacting EO

Whilst all queries aim to be responded to within 24 hrs, longer waiting times are to be expected on weekends, if at all.


Contacting you

By default when signing up for the service, you will be automatically be opted in to receive the newsletter.

EO also requires at least one phone number, preferably a mobile number for correspondence, delivery alerts, delivery queries, and sporadic news.


Your details are never shared outwith EO or its partners.



This statement means workers operating under the business owner and/or services used in the facilitation in running the daily operations of EO, for example AppSumo, Sumo, Google, Paperform.co, Squarespace, GoCardless, MailChimp and Stripe. Each is bound by strict data processing and confidentiality laws.



Information contained within the blog is to be taken as guidelines and for entertainment purposes only.

The opinions in the blog may/may not be the view of EO and are not intended to cause harm, offence, judgement or otherwise.

No liability will be taken for damage, misuse, fault or otherwise caused from reading the content in the blog posts.

This is not an exhaustible list.


Food Safety

It is vital to thoroughly wash (scrub, peel, and discard where applicable) all fresh produce before consumption. EO will not be held liable from illness caused through incorrect handling and/or preparation of goods sold.



Of the 14 listed allergens that need to be listed by law on packaged and unpackaged goods, there are only three lines handled by EO. These are:

  • Celery (and celeriac)
  • Eggs
  • Nuts (of various types)

These foods are handled on a semi-regular basis and always segregated.



To use the term order on this site means to create an order for delivery whether it be a single delivery (a "one-off" or "trial") or recurring repeat weekly deliveries ("subscription").



This website is maintained by the site owner as above and built on a platform known as SquareSpace. Certain features are limited and whilst every effort has been made to ensure a brilliant user experience, the site owner has not tested every feature on every conceivable device.

As such, not every PC, Apple computer, mobile device, tablet and smartphone will display the site as originally intended and is not guaranteed to work on every device. EO nor the site owner can be held liable for any compatibility issues caused.



Delivery is not charged on any residential box, as advertised on this site.

This means it is not 'free delivery' nor 'included in the price'.

It is a non-chargeable component of the EO service.


The aim for the regular delivery schedule is Monday afternoon/evening to early Tuesday morning/afternoon and in some cases Wednesday all day, depending on where delivery is to be made. This will likely be revised as the business expands and develops. Of course, due to unforeseen events (such as mechanical breakdown and weather issues - this list is not exhaustible), deliveries may be delayed without notice.

Deliveries can be made to residential or commercial addresses, however regarding commercial or business deliveries, please make sure it agrees with the building and/or employers' terms as certain companies may refuse delivery. The site owner would hate you not to get your produce!

You do not need to be in at a residential (home) address if that is your preference; your order will be suitably packaged and protected should the weather be adverse.

If no suitable protection is available and cannot be made available, raw goods may be left uncovered regardless of weather elements, please ensure you have an alternative delivery point such as a safe place or neighbour made known to EO for future deliveries.



Collection is possible from the trading address. Please contact to arrange collection as currently it is only available upon request.

It is not an established 'shop' or 'store' retail location.

Any additional sales made at the premises is at the buyer and seller's mutual agreement where the buyer agrees to these terms. Furthermore, any additional sale made at the premises, items will go into your box as part of your original order.



A rigorous, thorough quality check is given to all produce on receipt from suppliers.


Organic is natural, so there will be any, or all of the following:

  • Natural, physical cosmetic imperfections such as misshapen produce, dents, attached leaves, speckling, freckling
  • Slight marks, lines and/or changes in colour
  • Mild bruising/wrinkling
  • The occasional cherry tomato, grape or similar item in a pre-pack that has gone off. Remember to check and wash the others before use/consumption
  • See below for EO's advice on organic bananas
  • This is not an exhaustive list.

In the case of the "surplus" product box (formerly known as "bargain"), quality issues such as the above will be common, or severe, in addition to what is specified on the product page.


Click here to download EO's Organic Banana Quality Guide


Please note that no refunds will be given on such imperfections listed above.


Produce that is severely mouldy, bashed and/or bruised will not be sold unless accidental.

---Mistakes do happen---

Be suspicious of other box schemes who may remove such imperfections and/or supply flawless produce!



All subscription plans (weekly or fortnightly deliveries) are based on the boxes shown in the online store.

For details about what your specific plan contains, email at any time or check the corresponding product page located in the online store.

Plans will be charged at the per box price shown before any discounts, offers or promotions sent out via email, physical literature (i.e flyer), referral codes or names, subscriber form notes have been applied.


Waste allowance (legacy plans only - for plans no longer available)

The everyday 3kg box contains 5%+ of accountable 'waste'.

A 3kg selection is 35x 80g portions totaling 2800g (2.8kg) for one adult for the week, with a reservation of approximately 200g for said waste.

A portion is 80g as specified under the 5-a-day system.

It does not mean you will receive 35 individual portions or items.

Waste includes anything inedible but does not include pith, citrus skins, and minor cosmetic imperfections.

This idea is unique to eo and should not be copied without consultation from the site owner.


On some occasions, due to shrinkage, water loss, evaporation (or in rare cases eo run out of stock) a full 3kg may not be available.

An email will be sent, usually the same day after all deliveries have been made indicating any discrepancies.



Most boxes, unless otherwise specified, are sold by weight.

In rare cases you may not receive the full weight and/or may be replaced by higher priced items instead.

This could happen for a variety of reasons:

  • shortage of stock
  • poor quality stock received
  • loss of goods in transit
  • theft

This list is not exhaustible.

You will be notified (by email or text, or other method if applicable such as Facebook) in such a case.

Please read the product page information carefully.

Contact EO if you are unsure.



Payment is usually required before delivery of your order, either as a one-off or recurring delivery with payment being made through the EO website.

Payment can be made through:

Stripe, the default credit/debit card built-in processor for online store sales only; for one-off deliveries, monthly "blocks", annual subscriptions and any other product in the store on this site.


GoCardless, a third-party Direct Debit processor; for recurring or one-off deliveries.


PayWhirl, a third-party recurring credit/debit card processor; for recurring or one-off deliveries.


Cash-on-delivery is at the customer's discretion, however online payments via GoCardless are preferred, especially on recurring deliveries.


Another on-site in-person method; such as via electronic devices utilising Apple Pay or Android Pay, Contactless credit or debit cards using the iZettle card or SumUp card machines.


On-site in-person using credit or debit cards using the iZettle or SumUp card machines. Both Chip and PIN and swipe/signature accepted as authorisation methods.


Receipts provided on request, to an email address or sent to your mobile phone.


Payments can be made using a single or any combination of the above methods.


At this moment EO does not take cheques or standing orders as payment.

Bank Transfer can be accepted as an alternative method to Direct Debit or other methods but products must be paid for within SEVEN days of receipt if choosing this method.



Since sales are made direct to public, VAT invoices are generally not issued unless you request one.

All wholesale, trade, commercial and business orders will receive an itemised invoice where applicable.

Sales made through the Squarespace embedded online store will issue a packing invoice.


GoCardless Direct Debit subscriptions

GoCardless is a third-party payment processor that handles EO's Direct Debit transactions.

Agreement with GoCardless' terms must be accepted to use their system in conjunction for payment for products from EO.

Refunds within GoCardless are detailed below, under 'Holidays'.


DD payments are not instant transactions, and also when cancelling your subscription, processing payments or cancellations taken on a Friday will not be processed until the Monday.

For more information, please see:



EO will never take money from your account unconditionally, and if this ever happens, you will be refunded in full.


PayWhirl credit or debit card subscriptions

PayWhirl is a third-party payment processor that handles EO's recurring debit or credit card transactions.


Guarantee of organic produce

Everyday Organics is certified by SOPA // Scottish Organic Producers Association under license with OF&G (Organic Farmers & Growers), Certification GB-ORG-017 and conforms to EU regulation standards for the sale, storage and other activities regarding organic foodstuffs. 

Processor number S1218P.

EO's current sole supplier is certified organic, also to SOPA standards, receiving goods from SOPA and other organic certification body standards (such as the Soil Association, Organic Food Federation, and notable others).


Photographic evidence can be provided (of produce cases) if this assurance is not enough.


Food safety disclaimer

Please remember to thoroughly wash any received produce! 

Organic produce, by nature's default, is unique and different in a similar way to that of the human race. Expect irregularities, minor deformations, light bruising, speckles and freckles, mild wrinkling, as well as other slight natural cosmetic defects. This, in no way affects the nutritional content of the goods, and further reinforces the assurance that your produce is indeed, organic. No chemicals are used and produce is always harvested by more traditional, appropriate and less detrimental methods. 


Returnable box charges

Sometimes deliveries are made in returnable, reusable plastic trays, crates and containers. Plastic packaging must be returned otherwise a charge of £5 per box/tray/container will be made to you.

Charges will be billed to you by Direct Debit or credit/debit card by electronic means; the same details used when you signed up for deliveries.

Wooden crates are ideally returnable but can be retained by the customer. Cardboard cases also can be returned or recycled.



Holidays can be taken without charge at any time, subject to a notice period of one week prior to delivery, and before the usual cut-off of 7pm on a Tuesday.

Please do not cancel your direct debit.

Since there is no 'pause' function with GoCardless:

Payments during your holiday may be taken and then refunded


Your plan may be billed at zero


Your plan may be cancelled and restarted upon return from your holiday.

Please make all holiday requests in writing, suitably emailing hello@everydayorganics.co.uk



Cancellations must be made before 11pm Tuesday to ensure a non-delivery the following week.

Cancellations made after this time will be billed.

Please make all cancellations in writing, preferably emailing hello@everydayorganics.co.uk one calendar week in advance.



If, for any reason the service/reward cannot be fulfilled, a refund of your original payment will occur without quibble, to the original amount. Your money is safe with Stripe, PayWhirl (or similar recurring provider) and GoCardless, as your details are not stored on this site. You can be assured that no one will run away with your money. It's not the objective or in the interests of the site owner!

Please not that refunds are not always instant, especially on weekends.

Direct Debits only occur between a Monday to Friday, never at weekends.


EO operates an exclusive 4-in-1 guarantee:

  1. Replace
  2. Refund
  3. Redeliver
  4. Retry

A guarantee you won't find anywhere else:

  1. Replace. A full or part replacement will be made.
  2. Refund. A full or part refund will be issued.
  3. Redeliver. Your replacement will be delivered, free of charge.
  4. Retry. A coupon or code will be issued for money off or free produce on a future order.

For more information on refunds click here.


Your details will never be shared, sold or shown to any other body other than the site owner.

Your payment and account details are never seen by EO or the site owner ever, as they are processed externally.



Photographs given are an accurate representation of what a box looks like in quantity, but do not represent exact items received/ordered and/or the condition of such items. For example, although clean carrots are pictured, in reality you could receive dirty carrots, depending on what is ordered, requested, available and/or in season.


Photo credits

The photographs are owned by the respective creators and should not be used without the site owner or individual photographer's prior consent.



All content, whether ideas, concepts, guarantees, features and other information supplied is copyright protected 2015, 2016 on behalf of the site owner and EO.

Google, stripe, iZettle, SumUP, PayWhirl, ApplePay, Android Pay, Squarespace and GoCardless are trademarks of their respective owners, as are all social media marks and references.


Newsletter and emails

From time to time a customer may receive essential email communication in addition to / or having subscribed to the newsletters (through a pop-up, welcome screen, email sign up at the bottom of each page, and/or during checkout) to be notified of essential maintenance, downtime and other issues that may present a problem or delay in ordering. You can unsubscribe at any time from any or all lists by simply emailing hello@everydayorganics.co.uk.


Changes to these conditions

These conditions are subject to change without notice, and the site owner reserves the right to do so at any time.




Please send any feedback, queries, comments or questions to hello@everydayorganics.co.uk. Love to hear from you! Obviously, the site owner doesn't tolerate any threatening, abusive or violent language, and if used, your comments will be immediately deleted.