A totally new way to get organic produce:

Choice of over 100 varieties weekly at wholesale (trade) pricing for a monthly member fee.

It's the best way to get whatever you want at a manageable price.

Starting at just £5 inc VAT per week + cost of your items

what is membership?

Normally to qualify for our trade pricing, and all the variety, you have to be a trade customer.

You'd have to buy full cases of stock, which is hardly ideal.

Membership, on the other hand gives you everything we can get at trade pricing for a small monthly fee.

Why become a member?

The fullest choice available at super low prices.

Even better loyalty rewards.

Soon we'll offer local deals and discounts that pertain just to your area.

how does membership work?

Each month you'll pay your member fee, and every Tuesday you can place a new order depending on what you'd like for the following week.

You can order via the list we'll email to you, or right here on the website.

You'll pay only our trade pricing for produce, meaning you'll only pay increases or decreases on item pricing.

Don't forget to read the guidelines below.

LITE vs FULL membership


Choice of 20 varieties at our trade price

Order by the kg or head only

No offers

No birthday surprise

£5/wk billed £20/m

+ price of produce


Choice of ALL varieties at our trade price

Order by the 100g, kg or head

Local offers

Birthday gift

£10/wk billed £40/m

+ price of produce

membership guidelines

  • We have two types of membership: lite and full. Depending on what you choose, certain differences will apply

  • Order lists are sent to you every Tuesday to your inbox. This is the quickest way to order and ensures the lowest pricing.

  • Whilst you can order online, pricing takes a while to update. Depending when you order, you'll be charged the difference via direct debit or credit/debit card.

  • It is very difficult to measure an exact amount, so for this reason we'll ask you whether you'd prefer your order be rounded up or down. Whilst rounding up invariably costs more, it will guarantee that you get the minimum you asked for. Any excesses or deductions will be calculated and billed as necessary by way of direct debit or debit/credit card.

  • You'll be invoiced weekly for your produce order by your preferred payment method, based on how much the item actually costs on our final weighing.
  • In some instances, depending on the size of the produce, it may be grossly different to what was expected. This is due to having no prior size information from our suppliers. Whilst we apologise for this, such is the nature of organic produce.
  • Occasionally items will not come. This could be a supplier issue, seasonality, or other problem. In this case, we will mark on your invoice as NA, meaning Not Available.
  • In the instance of items not available, please tell us whether you'd prefer us to substitute items or omit (leave out) them completely from your order.
  • You must register with GoCardless and PayWhirl, regardless of how you end up paying for your weekly order.

Prices are updated on Tuesdays


* Some upgrades and offers allow you to "lock in" your membership fee, so no matter what happens they'll be no increases to your membership price.


Can I pay the member fee weekly?

Yes. However if you opt to pay by weekly recurring billing with a credit/debit card there is an additional £1 charge per plan.

Can I take holidays?

Of course. We will suspend your fee until you get back. We require a minimum seven days notice in writing to pause your fee otherwise we will bill you as usual.

If I have joined on an offer, will my offer still be valid if I leave and then rejoin the service?

No. Offers are only valid provided you continue your membership.

Can I order single items?

Yes, however only on the FULL plan. Also note as to whether you expect your items to be larger, smaller or not fussed as they will invariably change per the season, variety, batch and type.

Can I pay in cash?

Only if you are in at your delivery address. We can olnly make specific timed slots provided you ask for this, and these are billed at £3 per week.

Should you be in when we deliver, you can pay cash.

Can I 'rack up a bill' and pay it in one big chunk?

Only for orders and also only if you have registered with GoCardless for direct debits and PayWhirl providing a valid credit and/or debit card.

You can only start this method following at least 8 weeks of payments provided in a timely manner.

Your member fee will be billed per month as usual; although we do provide annual discounts on the fee.

Do you take standing orders/instant payments from my account?

Only following at least 8 weeks of payments provided in a timely manner.