how it all works

We started off as another box scheme and evolved into something else.

We do made to order mixed boxes but the real service is when you get a custom order as part of our membership service.


A box scheme is...

A box of selected vegetables, delivered weekly (or fortnightly) to your home or work!

That's it!

It generally saves you a bit of time, fuel and also presents a different mix of awesome produce you wouldn't typically see in a supermarket.


our box scheme on the other hand...

We don't put white potatoes or overwhelming amounts of onions and carrots in them.

We just give you pure veg.

Delivery is included too*.

And some fun stuff.



Usually you get a mixed, randomised seasonal selection of vegetables, fruit or a mix of both.

You can then tailor** it to your likes and dislikes, and don't forget to tell us about any allergies you have.

Add extras like more roots, salad boxes, potatoes, mushrooms and more to complete your order.



Membership offers you all the variety at super low pricing, usually reserved for large trade orders. works out better for you on both value and variety fronts.

It's the best way to get a custom box at a very reasonable price.

Take a look at membership here.


your benefits

There's a ton more benefits too (click here).

We've tweaked it from a customer's perspective to ensure you get the best service.

Sure, we'll make some mistakes along the way.

But our focus is still on you.


remember, remember the veg of november...

Now remember, it's organic. This is our disclaimer.

This could mean:

  • Substitutions when stock is unavailable or delayed
  • Stock may not appear at all due to availability and seasonality issues
  • It won't be cosmetically perfect, ever!
  • In rare cases we may not be able to fulfil a guaranteed weight. You'll be notified by email, text or a social channel
  • Mistakes can happen. We're only human

Ordering, planning and delivery notes:

  • Any new specific plan, box or membership needs to be received by 11pm at the latest on a Tuesday evening.

Examples of specific plans include: any particular extra, request or dislike/allergy and/or a timed delivery slot

  • In  most cases you can order a general box up until Monday morning to 9am and receive it in the same week (usually the Tuesday next day). This only applies on set boxes (not salad or any extra) since we usually have enough stock to make you a mixed box and deliver it in the same week.

Examples of general boxes are: fruit, veg or a mix of both in 3kg or 5kg amounts. The variety may lack because of the short notice, but the second box will be more amazing!

  • Boxes and orders made after Monday 9am will be fulfilled (delivered) the following week - it's so we can order in everything you require. We don't hold much stock (and nothing in the Summer months) to make sure everything is fresh for you, and to cut down on wastage.
  • Changes, edits and cancellations must be made in advance of one week (i.e. give a week's notice for any updates to your orders) or you will be billed for it

In placing an order and continued use of the site, you agree to our terms.

See all our terms here

What the stars mean:

* Delivery is included on all standard boxes within our delivery areas and route. Additional charges or minimum orders will apply outwith our boundary.

** Tailor-made boxes to a point: We'll do our best to include your likes where possible but it does not guarantee you'll get everything you want at all times or ever. Custom plans start at £20 regardless of weight; alternatively have a look at our membership structure here.