Your frequently un-answered questions.


What can I expect in a box?

All vegetable or mixed boxes have up to ten varieties as well as garlic as standard.

By default these boxes don't have potatoes or loads of carrots or onions either...

...just pure veg.


A fruit box has five or more varieties.

All boxes can have raw or seasonal variants too as well as a regular general mix of everything...at no extra cost.


Varieties will depend on what's in season, what's available, what you like, you don't eat and what you're allergic to.

Boxes start with a minimum 3kg weight, typically enough for one adult to last the full week.

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Do you deliver to my area? // Where do you deliver?

Everyday Organics currently delivers almost anywhere on the A90 between Dundee and south of Aberdeen.

Both cities are covered as well as many towns along the route.

Everyday Organics also covers Stirling and parts of Perth.

See the delivery schedule here for more information.


Drop an email in if you're unsure.


What time's delivery? Do I need to be in? And will you deliver to my workplace?

Deliveries start Monday afternoon until Tuesday evening up to a reasonable 9pm on both days.

For Edinburgh, it's all day Wednesday.


Delivery times do vary.

If you need a specific time, you can add a time slot for £3 per order, charged every week.

You don't need to be in; you can give a safe place or neighbour or nearby shop that will take your deliveries.


Workplaces are possible as long as your work accepts courier deliveries.


What exactly is "a week's worth for one adult" ?! How'd you work that out?!

Based on the five-a-day system for a 'typical' adult, 80g portions five times daily, this makes 2800g in a full seven day week.

There's a minimum 3kg in all everyday boxes, with the extra 200g to accommodate for the occasional bad bit, the inedible bitter seeds or skin...a unique and different approach to waste, exclusive to Everyday Organics.

However, if you're really active, a vegan, a vegetarian, or follow a paleo diet, chances are you'll need and eat more fruit and veg.


Can I collect?

Indeed yes! You can now uplift your boxes from 4 Lamond Place, Aberdeen, AB25 3UT.

Please email to arrange collection at a convenient time.

What payments do you accept?

Everyday Organics takes a wide range of payment types, in person or in advance, online or by direct debit.


On-the-go, in-the-moment, in person payments:

Contactless credit and debit cards, Apple Pay on Apple devices, Android Pay on Android devices up to £30.

Credit and debit cards: Amex, Visa Electron, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro

Cash on delivery

Useful for:

First boxes, extras


Online payments:

Credit and Debit cards via online payment link

Credit and Debit cards via online store here

Useful for:

First boxes, orders, recurring plan subscriptions, extras



Direct Debit setup online:

Set up a direct debit to take payments straight from your bank account using our third party provider, GoCardless.

Useful for:

Recurring plan subscriptions, extras


Everyday Organics never sees nor holds your details.

Why no potatoes?

Two reasons:

  1. They're not a vegetable, they're known as a tuber or starch. They don't count towards your 5-a-day fruit & veg recommended reference intake
  2. Competitors 'bulk out' or 'bloat' their boxes with potatoes...because they're cheap. This is followed by the next two cheap veg - onions and carrots. Which is why they are so prevalent in nearly every box scheme in the country


Whilst there's no potatoes as standard in Everyday Organics boxes, you can get them as extras.


The only box from Everyday Organics that does have potatoes is the surplus box - an amazing all-rounder box with plenty of bang for your buck..at least 7kg for just £15.

Are you a farm? Where does the produce come from?

Everyday Organics is no farm.


It is everyday organics' future goal - one of many - to have its own on-site farming facilities and employ a rainbow of people paid well to produce true local, organic goods.

Whilst there is no farm as of yet, all goods come from fully traceable, certified organic origins.


Everyday Organics concentrates on engineering boxes to suit your needs.


Sign up to get boxes today and get us all towards that goal that bit sooner.


Everyday Organics uses a wholesaler, who in turn works with other independent farms in Scotland (such as Bellfield in Cupar and Pillars in Falkland) and other resources throughout the UK and beyond. Due to lack of collaboration in certain areas, and competing box schemes, sourcing locally (and organically) has become very difficult outside of wholesaling methods.


Due to climate, every fruit and vegetable cannot be grown organically in Scotland.

Prove Everyday Organics is certainly organic.

Click here to see the certificate.


I've never heard of SOPA. Surely only the Soil Association means organic?

SOPA and the Soil Association are organic control bodies, amongst many others across the UK and the globe. Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G) and Organic Food Federation are notable others.

SOPA are no different to the SA in certifying organisations and businesses in becoming organic.

SOPA stands for Scottish Organic Producers Association. They're in every way as legitimate as any other organic certification body, like the Soil Association. SOPA don't charge on turnover, so they're perfect for smaller enterprises focusing on what matters most.

I'm forever trying to get my children to eat more fruit & veg. Can you suggest anything to help me?

Everyday Organics is proud to offer selections for kids! :)

With smaller items for smaller hands, sweeter varieties and fun bonuses, they'll surely go down well.

Have a look at them here.

We also do custom boxes available as part of the membership plan, so weaning boxes are definitely doable.


Do you do eggs, mushrooms or other extras?

Sure, both are available from the store or as part of a plan.

There's a waiting list for organic bread, click here to stay notified.


Who does your photography? It's brilliant!

Nearly all the photography on this website has been done by a talented lass called Sam Hill!


Is Everyday Organics a social enterprise?

Pretty much...all profits go back into the business, and Everyday Organics works, collaborates and advertises with other local and similar businesses.

Leftovers are often donated to a charity called All Shapes and Sizes - a charity in Aberdeen, through the food sharing app Olio or to students and friends...and sometimes horses!


Where is your privacy, delivery and terms policy?

Take a look here.

Any other questions?

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